Downloading performances from bell board.

Q. How do I download peals or quarter peals from bellboard?
A. On the menu, under Peals or Quarterpeals, is Download.

Download command

Choosing this menu option will open the download dialog.

Download dialog

The bell board search window will be shown after a couple of seconds. It'll be automatically populated with the date of the last performance in the current database, a ringer if there is a default ringer set, or all performances if the database only contains a single tower.
Click "Search"

Download dialog

Now you can either click on the links to open one peal at a time and then "download one" to download and check each peal at a time.
Or you can try "Download all", Duco will then try to download each peal that it thinks doesn't exist in the database. It'll start with the oldest, and if there are no errors, it'll try the next one until it has downloaded them all. If it has any issues working out the tower, ringers or method, it will stop so you can check the data on each peal.