Duco's place notation format.

Q. I need some help understanding Duco's place notation format.
A. OK, first here are a few examples:

Plain Bob Major: &x18x18x18x18-12
Plain Bob Major

Grandsire Caters:
Grandsire Caters

Bristol Surprise Maximus: &x5Tx14.5Tx5T.36.14x7T.58.16x9T.70.18x18.9Tx18x1T-1T
Bristol Surprise Maximus

Summary of characters used in Place Notation
& Symmetry indicator
x Cross (all bells swap)
. Seperator
- Seperator between most of the notation and the lead end notation
1-0 Bells 1 to 10.
E Eleventh bell
T Twelfth bell
A Thirteenth bell
B Fourteenth bell
C Fifteenth bell
D Sixteenth bell
Place notation is case insensitive.
If you miss out some of the characters e.g. "x6x", Duco will add the missing characters: "x16x"