Importing from pealbase pbr files

This is actually as CSV (comma seperated variable file), where the fields on each line are set out like this:

Field no Name Field type Description
0 Performance type Integer 0 peal, 1 quarter peal, 2 handbell peal, 3 handbell quarter peal
1 Conducted type Integer 0 normal, 1 silent and non conducted.
2 Association / Society String
3 Tower dedication String
4 City String
5 County String
6 Tenor weight String
7 Tenor weight - units String
8 Peal date Date DD/MM/YYYY
9 Peal time Time [H]H:MM
10 Changes Integer
11 Method String Method name in full
12 Spliced methods String
13 Composer String
14 - 33 Ringers String Names in full
34 Strapper String
35 Conductor Integer The bell number that the conductor rang
36 Footnotes String

Using this format, any CSV file can be imported so long as the field columns match. Generally, all the fields are enclosed in quotes, but unless the field contains a comma or space, this isn't mandatory.